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New Orleans, LA

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From Clients Regarding our Service


“It was a good summer for Nicole in New Orleans, and I want to thank all of the staff at Dependable Care and the caregivers they referred for making Nicole’s summer safe and enjoyable, while letting me, her father, continue to handle my work with a very demanding schedule.”
– From a repeat client who has a daughter with special needs, August 2015


“I found your service on the web doing a search. I called and emailed about six different organizations after finding them. What sold me on your service, frankly, was you. You responded in a timely, professional and complete manner, letting me know the options and opportunities for assistance. All of the other organizations were either slow to respond, incomplete, or just kept wanting more and more information and stalling. So, I heard about your organization from a Google search and chose Dependable because of your representation as well as the care provider you referred.”
– From a long-term client, October 2014


“We cannot thank you enough for all you did to refer an excellent caregiver for our dad. We know the caregiver you referred brought extra patience to working with him, and we so appreciate it. Dependable is an excellent caregiver referral service; you do an awesome job.”
– From a long-term client’s family, April 2015


“I called a couple of agencies trying to get help or my husband’s elderly parents during the daytime hours while we were at work. One had suffered a recent stroke and the other has severe dementia. This has been a trying time for us. Your calm, understanding manner was the reason I opted to go with your referral services.”
– From a short-term client, August 2014

From Clients Regarding Caregivers We Refer

“When my daughter first contacted you, you told her that if you needed assistance for your family you would want Lisa. I understand exactly what you meant and I agree 100%. She is the BEST!!!! The best caregiver I could have imagined. The kindest, most caring person I have ever known, and, yet, the most professional. Without any direction from me, she decided what had to be done for my comfort and welfare, and went about her business as if she had been running my home for years. And, at the top of the list, she was my best friend. I miss her smile and her charming presence. Thank you very much for referring Lisa.”

– From a short-term client who needed care after a surgery, August 2015


“I want to thank you for referring an excellent care giver to Ms. Sally from November to her passing in May. Emma (caregiver) was with her practically all of the six months. She is by far the most caring and devoted person I have ever known. I spent 19 years working for the State of Louisiana, retiring in 1992. I was in charge of over 300 people and know who is a good worker and who are in it for money only. Emma was one that put clients first and was quick to tell you exactly what was done for the client on a daily basis. One in a million…”
– From a client’s Power of Attorney, June 2014


“I am taking the initiative to write this unsolicited recommendation for (caregiver) Shirley. Since February 2011, for more than 6 months, we have been privileged to have had the services of Shirley, referred through Dependable In Home Care, to perform the difficult job of caring for my wife who has Alzheimer’s Disease. For 6 months before that, we employed a series of sitters through an agency. We also had short experiences with two highly-recommended independent sitters, and we have had a few others referred from Dependable. In all, we have had at least a dozen acceptable sitters. But no other has stood out like Shirley. She provides kind and thoughtful care and understanding to my wife, calming her when she gets upset, talking and singing with her, taking her for walks, preparing lunch, and assisting her in bathing and dressing. In addition, she constantly takes initiative, without being asked, to do many other things including washing clothes, washing dishes, making beds, sweeping floors, unloading groceries, handling messages and phone calls, and whatever needs doing. Also, notably, when family emergencies or illness has caused her to be absent and Dependable has referred a substitute, Shirley has phoned the substitute and explained the special needs and circumstances for proper care of my wife. Shirley’s extraordinary value was evident early in her service… she is a rare gem.”
– Anonymous