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Accredited Registries: MYTH vs. FACT

MYTH: Care providers are not screened.

FACT*: Care providers working through an accredited registry undergo a rigorous screening process which includes, but is not limited to, the following: a national background check, drug screening, T.B. testing, previous work verifications, and credential verifications.

MYTH: Care providers do not pay taxes.

FACT*: Care providers are issued IRS 1099 forms and all wages are reported to the federal government. Government statistics show that individuals who are issued 1099 forms are only marginally (less than 3%) less likely to be tax compliant than persons receiving W-2 forms.

MYTH: Care providers are not insured.

FACT*: Care providers are required to carry their own professional and general liability insurance. Registries carry bonds to protect against theft. As independent contractors, care providers are not the employee of the registry or the family, therefore, workers’ compensation insurance is not applicable. *Note: In 2012, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that a care provider working in a private home was considered an independent contractor (Gamez Vs Pinke).

MYTH: Care Providers are not trained.

FACT*: Care providers must have at least two years of hands-on experience. Depending on their position, they may have already received training to become an R.N., L.P.N., C.N.A., H.H.A., or P.C.A., or they may still be in training. Many caregivers who work through a registry have worked or currently work for other entities, such as a health care facility, a home health agency, a hospice agency, a hospital, an assisted living center, or a nursing home. These individuals are not “sitters;” they are experienced and trained professionals.

* The facts stated above are applicable to CRSB accredited registries.

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