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The Registry

We have the deepest appreciation and respect for the caregivers who serve the community. The accreditation standards allow us to attract only experienced, dedicated caregivers to the registry. As an independent contractor, you enjoy many of the following benefits:

  • Flexibility in your schedule
  • A diverse group of clients and settings
  • Families offer Competitive hourly fees
  • Access More opportunities to work in pleasant homes


The following is a list of the current minimum requirements to join a CRSB Accredited registry:

  • One year of verifiable caregiver experience

  • Clear a national criminal background check, we can offer access to do this on your behalf

  • A clear drug screen that can be purchase and administered at the office.

If you can meet the above requirements, then the first step is to fill out an access application for review. Please allow one week for your application to be processed. Please follow-up on your application by calling 504-486-5044.


Once your application for client access has been reviewed and the caregiving experience has been verified, you will be contacted for a pre-orientation session. The following can help you prepare for the session:
You will need to submit the following items to us:
  1. Current driver’s license or state ID card
  2. Social security card (must be signed)
  3. National criminal background or payment for it to be processed by us.
  4. Background and drug screening can be done on your behalf by Dependable
  5. Head shot photo
*Please note: you must refrain from eating or drinking anything 15 minutes prior to taking the oral drug screen (this includes water, mints, gum, etc.).


Once you have successfully completed the pre-orientation session, you will qualify for the next scheduled orientation. The following list will help you to prepare for orientation:
  1. Please send in any documents that are required
  2. Familiarize yourself with Zoom if orienting via Zoom
  3. Allow for 1.5 – 2 hours to complete the orientation
  4. Select a quiet area for the video meeting if orienting via zoom.


Local CPR Certification – 504.451.0282
Join The Registry
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