For their mind

There’s likely nothing that your senior wants more than to simply spend quality time with peers and loved ones. Technology can help with creating new memories and recalling old ones, especially when there is some physical or cognitive decline which limits excursions. A mobile device (such as an iPad) is a great tool for sharing old music, books, movies and photos with your senior while you visit. They might even be interested in interacting with the device as well, which could introduce many new opportunities to your senior, including elevated sensory stimulation.

For their body

Everything has its pros and cons, but the benefits of emerging telemedicine options (aka telehealth) cannot be denied. Especially with senior care, telemedicine can alleviate some of the burden involved in the logistics of frequent medical appointments. Not only can medical physicians monitor and treat some conditions virtually, mental health sessions can be conducted via videoconferencing. Be sure to inquire about telemedicine options moving forward.

For their spirit

When you’re unable to physically visit with your aging loved ones as much as you’d like, technology has come a long way from just a simple phone call (though, a phone call is still better than silence). It’s easier than ever to combat the loneliness that some seniors feel with video chat, email, text, etc. A quick Skype session with a grandchild or great-grandchild is something that could make your loved one’s entire day turn around. Don’t assume that your loved one is uninterested or intimidated by technology; your senior’s caregiver could help with the device and setup if they are unable to do it themselves.